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Phones & Personal Photography

The set is classified as a no-phone zone.

  • While on a location or set, please be mindful of your phone use around the cameras and sound equipment.

  • Please keep your phone in your pocket or bag whilst on set.

  • Step off the set before you make a call, send a text, check your email or use social media.

  • Security will monitor this space and if required, ask you to leave set if you don’t comply with this simple request.

  • As stated in your NDAs, there is a strict no personal photography/video policy on set unless you have authorisation from the producers of your Production.

  • If someone is caught taking photos on their personal device without permission, they will be automatically investigated and if requested, their contract terminated.

  • Props, costumes, set designs, vehicles, locations are all protected under the NDA you have signed. If your phone is lost or a cloud-based storage is hacked, any image can be leaked, and it might not even be something you are aware of. The simple solution is that we do not ever take photos on our personal devices.

  • If you lose your phone or device, please contact Production Technology ( as soon as possible to help you locate it.


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